Welcome to the home page for the Koepplinger v Seterus Final Letter Action

Homeowners who received notices of debt and possible acceleration on their mortgage loans from Seterus, Inc. in North Carolina, Michigan, Kansas, Alabama, New York, California, Missouri, Georgia, Florida, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania are entitled to benefits from a class action Settlement.

A North Carolina Federal Court authorized this Notice. This is not a solicitation from a lawyer.

This Notice informs you of a proposed Settlement in a class action lawsuit filed by Kenneth Koepplinger and Rhoda Smith and others (the “Plaintiffs”) against Seterus, Inc., and Nationstar Mortgage LLC (“Nationstar”) (collectively “Seterus” or “Defendants”) Plaintiffs alleged that Seterus made unlawful representations regarding threats of foreclosure in notice of default letters when debts on mortgage loans were owed for 45 days (“Final Letter”). The Settlement resolves the lawsuit. Seterus denies it did anything wrong or unlawful, including any liability to Plaintiffs and to the members of the Settlement Classes.

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